Monday, January 23, 2006

At Home with Sharon Cuneta

Guess who's coming to dinner: Silver and wood reign in the dining room. The table is an antique which Sharon bought in Paris.

Blast from the past: The painting by Karen Flores was picked by Sharon because of the katipunera theme. Her grandmother was in the Katipunan movement.

The staircase leads to the private rooms.

The inner living room where the Pangilinans entertain friends and family. Once again, a warm yellow dominates the color scheme.

A megastar lives here: The first living room sports a yellow motif. The tall doors open to a courtyard, very European in feel.

by Philip Cu-Unjieng, The Philippine Star, April 15, 2000

KC's 15, did she have a say on what her room would look like?
Ramon Antonio: Oh yes. The colors of blue, lilac, the canopy bed, the areas where she can stencil -- in all of this she was very specific, and Sharon felt that even if some elements might not go with the rest of the house, KC's ideas should be respected, it was her room after all.

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