Monday, January 23, 2006

Sharon Talks About KC

by Crispina Martinez Belen, The Manila Bulletin, October 19, 1999
Now, that KC, her daughter with former husband Gabby Concepcion, is 14 (she’s turning 15 in April), how is Sharon Cuneta dealing with her growing up? “It’s not really difficult. First, I always encourage her to be open with me so I could guide and advise her. Actually we are like friends so this makes the situation easier,” Sharon said.
It also makes Sharon happy that her daughter adores her husband, Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, and she really looks up to him as a real father. (KC calls him “Daddy,” while she calls her biological father “Papa.”)
KC and Francis are very close and KC goes to him especially when she needs help in her Math assignments. “Kapag Math ang problema, I told her silang dalawa na lang ang mag-usap,” Sharon laughed. Kiko is always there for KC for whatever she needs from him. He has also told her that even if he and Sharon will have their own children, KC will always be his “panganay.” This, of course, has made KC very secure in his and Sharon’s love. (By the way, Francis and Sharon are still trying very hard to have a child. “I’ll keep on kneeling and praying and begging for this blessing,” Sharon said.)
KC is in 9th grade and isn’t only a pretty young lady but very smart as well. Sharon allows her leeway in everything she does, but there are rules she has to follow, the doting megastar mother said. “Like for instance, she can only browse the net during certain hours, she can only make and accept calls during a certain time, etc. And she cannot cheat because we have a very good communications system in our house. I have a monitor in my room and I can see everything from here,” she laughed.
Sharon never prevented her daughter from getting in touch with her father, especially when they were living in Boston. In fact, she encouraged KC to maintain a communication line with Gabby. After all, he is her father. “I never said anything bad about her father to KC. How, for instance, could I tell her that half of her is bad? How will this affect her?”
If only in this regard, Sharon is indeed a very good mother.
At her age, KC has her own crushes already, and “sometimes they’re my crushes too!” Sharon giggled. But although KC has the makings of a movie or singing star, “she doesn’t want to,” Sharon stressed.

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