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by Bayani S. San Diego Jr., Parents, May 1999

At the end of the Sharon episode featuring child stars Snooky Serna. Nino Muhlach, Marilyn Reynes and Aiza Seguerra, the Megastar introduced the dramatic "parental" bailed "If I Could" with a simple yet eloquent message addressed to families everywhere. "Nurture the gifts, but nurture the child first."
By the end of the hour long discussion it became readily apparent that not all the wealth in the world can buy back a "lost childhood." The Megastar knows whereof they spoke. The precocious DJ's Pet started singing at age 12, and acting in Dear Heart) at age 15. Showbiz has been her world since her teenage years, music has been flowing in her veins since she was this high.
Is it any wonder that her own daughter exhibits the same artistic inclination? In fact Sharon herself has noticed that KC has a natural call for music. "She loves to sing and listen to music," the proud Mega-Mom reports, beaming. When the family was in Boston, KC aside from being an active athlete, was also part of the school production of the musical The Wiz. "And she sang beautifully!" says Sharon.
That being so, inquiring minds would like to know whether she would allow daughter Kristina Cassandra "KC" Concepcion to follow in her famous footsteps.
"Because I started out really young, "Sharon elaborates, "I know now what I could have lived without - what I should have or have not done. And so I would like KC to live the life of a normal kid first. In attend to her schoolwork without too many distractions. When she's a bit older and she still expresses a desire to go into showbiz like her parents, and I see that she's prepared to handle all the demands of the business without spreading herself too thin, then I'll support her.
Sharon also offers gentle encouragement to other creamy youngsters out there who would like to achieve superstardom. "I guess when you're really young and you're given the opportunity to share your talents with an audience, that's okay. Showbiz is better than having nothing but school to face every single day and getting involved in 'bad' things like drugs."
"It's all a matter of priorities and time management." Sha stresses. "As long as you set your priorities straight God, family and school first before a 'career'. I just don't think that kids should be forced to stay up all night taping or shooting. Work for kids has to be limited. Their health and well-being should come first."
She feels strongly about the issue to child labor in the movie and music industries. "And once you've become too serious about show business at a very tender age, you'll miss out on all the normal experience of growing up. This is so unhealthy and I wouldn't advise this to anyone. Besides, you give up your privacy before even understanding how precious it is. Once you're in the business, you'll never be able to buy your privacy back."
She now volunteers precious advice to starry -eyed showbiz hopefuls. "For those who are serious - and ready - to go into the business, I'd like to tell you that it's not all fun and glamour. It is a lot of hard work, more often than not, so be aware of that. And remember that your audience (or the business) doesn't owe you anything. You owe the fans (and the business) something; you owe them for the countless opportunities. So never do things half-heartedly. Keep your feet on the ground. Being mayabang (arrogant) and having a lousy attitude won't get you anywhere. Keep all the values your parents have taught you, no matter how tempting it gets to ignore them. And lastly, love your work and it will love you back."
In sum. Ma'am Mega, sounding like a concerned Mega-Mom, states simply:
"God wants all of us to find our gifts and to use them wisely. To benefit from and share our gifts with others. Work for Him and He'll guide you and take care of you all the way," thus sayeth the Mega-Mom.

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