Tuesday, March 07, 2006


by Blaise C. Gacoscos, Yes! Magazine, Jan-Feb, 2003
"I hope she understands that she is more blessed. It's not a perfect world. You certainly don't ask for your family to just break up... but you have to realize that you have to focus on what you're blessed with. I understand also it's very difficult to always be in the shadow of a parent or both parents. So, you see, as much as possible she doesn not mention me in interviews... And I let it be even if, sometimes, nagsi-sentimento ka. You know, the kid has to find her own identity." -- Sharon on KC
"KC is not naman my exact opposite, pero almot my exact opposite. My description always is parang I'm a station wagon and she's like a red sports car. So, she's not the type I have to worry about 'cuz I think... she'll settle down early? Not at all. I feel like I will have to push her. 'Mag-asawa ka na, Anak!" -- Sharon's reading of her first-born
"Si KC kamukha ni Sharon. Marunong mag-horse riding, marunong maglangoy, may medlas 'yan sa swimming, meron siyang ballet din. Si KC, everything, pati singing. Pareho sila ni Sharon. Si Sharon magaling sa essays, parang si KC. Nagko-compose ng words ng music si KC, kamukha ni Sharon." -- Elaine Cuneta on her daughter and grand-daughter
"KC likes to do ten times more than I do - and at the same time! She spreads herself too thin. She's in a dance company in school. When I say dance company, it's not easy to get into it, mga tipong Power Dance... Tapos soccer, although she's stopping that. And then, of course, her academics. And academics in I.S. [International School] are very demanding. And then she likes to do all these extra-curriculars! So I tell her to take it easy, there's time for everything." -- Sharon, sounding like a typical mother

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