Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Fair KC

The first time I met her, she was standing on her head. Really. Kristina Cassandra Concepcion, adopted by Sharonians everywhere as their little KC, was doing a headstand for a friend, while backstage at the Music Museum.
Your first impression of KC, circa 1996? She was Miss Mega's dynamic bundle of energy. On her own, she was a go-getting ice skater and avid swimmer. But whenever she was with mom, Megastar Sharon Cuneta, she was simply a dutiful daughter would unobtrusively play jackstones (while mom rehearsed for yet another concert) or doodle and draw in her small notebook (while mom wrapped up yet another press conference). That was three years ago.
Kristina Cassandra Concepcion, circa 1999, is a budding young lady. Shawie's fair lady. When KC attended Rajo Laurel's fashion gala this year, with mom, Grandma Elaine, and auntie (uncle Chet's wife), she made not a few heads turn. People craned their necks, strained their eyes. A top national daily, which published Sharon and KC's photo, aptly captured fashion-watchers' sentiments that night: They're just like sisters.
Little KC is now a lady. A fine young lady. She is basically the same sweet girl you first met three years ago. Yet there are also remarkable changes--subtle yet surprising just the same. Her dulcet, delicate voice now expresses very strong, very definite opinions. She writes poetry and composes "beautiful and profound" (mom beams) songs. And as is evident in the "short article" below (one she wrote almost two years ago, for an essay on her mom, which came out in the 100 Women of the Philippines coffeetable book), she is intelligent, sensitive and incredibly proud of her mother. She also keeps a notebook/journal, embellished with drawings and her friends' pictures. And while they were in Boston, she played lacrosse and soccer for her school. In short, she is brimming with youthful zest and creativity.
Just like you-know-who when she was 15 and starred in Dear Heart and made movie history?
They're not just like soul sisters; they're almost like twins! KC, in fact, also goes by the name of Twister II. Guess who Twister I is? At the time KC wrote the article below (the article appears in the 100 Women Coffeetable book), mom was in the United States wrapping up a world concert tour and daughter was already back in the Philippines, to attend cousin Ciara Sotto's grand debut.
That was one of the few rare times that mother-and-daughter were ever separated since KC was born. That bond--solid and strong--was evident in the love and longing in KC's words and Sharon's reaction upon reading the article.
My mother is someone that has touched many people's hearts. She, I understand, is someone that people admire and respect because of her achievements and great personality. Her fans know her as the Megastar, a talented actress-singer who is destined to be famous. I know her as my mother.
I'm pretty sure that many of you have heard, read or just happen to know about the pain that mom had gone through in the past. My mother had brought me up practically all by herself, and she had sacrificed so much just to make me grow up to be a "fine young lady". She worked day and night, and she'd often come home exhausted. She would go straight to bed and rest with her makeup on. We had little time together, but when she had a day-off she'd make sure we were together. Sometimes, we'd go out on a mother-daughter date. I understood that she was doing all this just to give me a good, normal life.
Mom is just wonderful. She's caring, loving, she has a great sense of humor, maasikaso (caring, nurturing)--you know, she has just what it takes to be a perfect mom. Sometimes, she teases me because I forget she's my mom. She's so much like a sister, a big sister I never had. She's my best friend--next to God, of course--someone I know I can always talk to about anything, someone with whom I can share my dreams, my thoughts and secrets, and I know she'll never spill. But, of course, since no one's perfect naman, all I can say is that she's next to perfect. She's so close, it's scary!
When guests come over, she's always the first one to serve them. "Do you want this, do you want that?" Minsan, sila pa ang nagugulat (The guests get surprised), because they don't expect her to be like that! She is always excited when friends or family come. She loves company, and being treated like a normal person. Because that's what she really is when she's with us. Normal.
There's something about mom that's a bit crazy that nobody really knows about. She can be really clumsy at times, that Tita Fanny (Serrano) calls her "Twister". Actually, there's a "Twister II" that's somewhere nearby, and people don't know about that either . . .
My mom is a good wife. Obviously, she was able to choose the right man, with God's help. She does the duties that a wife is required to do, based on the Bible. She loves my daddy very much, and she'd do almost anything for him. She takes care of him, prepares food for him (by the way, mom cooks really well), and is just a good wife all-around. There is a lot more about mom that I could write, but I think I've already singled out almost all of the wonderful things about my mother. It's too hard to write every single thing about her because God has made her an amazing person; very special indeed. She is truly blessed, and loved by people not only in the Philippines, but by others, particularly Filipinos, around the world. She definitely deserves to be in the position where she is now. A cool example of The Filipina.
Sharon's simple response: "That's why I love and miss her so!"

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