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YES! Magazine, June 2002
MARCH 30. Sharon and KC arrived in Bangkok on March 28 at 3:40 p.m via Thai Airways. An hour later, Sharon's husband, Kiko Pangilinan, daughter Frankie, Mommy Elaine, her Kuya Chet and Ate Connie, and her pamangkins, Paul, Chuck, Chris, and Daniel, all arrived.
"This was one of the most special trips I've ever made," muses Sharon. "One, because I get to spend time with KC again. You know, things in the Philippines have a way of pulling you apart especially when one is 17 and you are a working mom."
It was all more meaningful for Sharon because, after her father Pablo passed away, her family was complete for the first time - and on a trip abroad!
Why Bangkok?
Says Sharon, "We had to choose a place, nagkataon by God's grace, Kiko and I loved it, na we wanted Mommy and Kuya to see and also that it had no memories of Dad... We wanted a place with new memories... So that trip was super-duper meaningful to all of us especially me... It was the happiest vacation of my life!"
At Safari World. L-R front row: Sen Kiko Pangilinan, Frankie Pangilinan, Daniel Cuneta, Elaine Cuneta, KC Concepcion; Back row: Connie Cuneta, Paul Cuneta, Christopher Cuneta, Capt. Chet Cuneta, and Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan. Not in photo is Sharon's nephew Chuck Cuneta. The Cunetas at a "long" table for their first family dinner in Bangkok. Sharon and daughters aboard a tourist bus from Safari World. Sharon, KC and Frankie in downtown Bangkok. Behind them are flowers and incense sticks.

"Me and my girls."

Mother and daughter during the family's river boat dinner cruise.

KC with Lola Elaine and the latter's grandchildren. Seated: Christopher and Frankie. Standing: Paul, KC, Chuck, Daniel. The only apo missing is C.P.

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