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Kulit Co. : Secretary in the City

KC UPDATES us about her life in the city of cool.

First posted 05:01pm (Mla time) Sept 03, 2004
By KC Concepcion
Inquirer News Service

Editor's Note: Published on page D1 of the September 4, 2004 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

SO FAR, it has been hard work and great fun working for the TV company Propager, which made the intelligent decision (I need to stress that) to hire me as their secretary. My sked had been changed to a 10 to 6 (although "9 to 5" sounds better). I work hard (not), make a lot of phone calls to editors of important channels, write a lot of e-mails, put on lots of different accents (including Mauritian) and take a lot of coffee breaks (yes, Starbucks is finally in France). Work is going well, especially because of the very helpful advice from some of the greatest friends in the world who bother to pull me out of the darkness! I am pretty successful because of those who share some wisdom and those who share what they pretend is wisdom, and also those who are honest enough not to share any wisdom because they frankly do not feel that they have any.

The other day, I was receiving order forms from around the globe. Our reports are always free of cost and free of broadcasting restrictions for the networks we contact because we are funded by the EC. Cool, huh?

Well... to make the story a bit more interesting, I was assigned countries like Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Germany and Ireland. I helped to catch up on some calls on the evening shift, calls that involved US channels such as CNN, the Discovery Channel and ABC, as well as CBS. Trip!!!

In my Europe list there was also Cosmopolitan Spain and I talked to an editor-in-chief about our terrorism report and he was, like, "Well, it's great because you see, we focus only on lovely things, we focus on human relations and sex."

Also, it's interesting 'coz the US channels have this way of being extra meticulous about details including, "Where is the tape now, as we speak?" Ngeks. Pero standards talaga nila kakaiba! Sometimes the person you'd just been talking to on the phone, biglang maririnig mo sa radio (the sounds they play when they put you on hold) when calling a different channel. Weird talaga ha ha! Sa list ko naman, funny sometimes. I called a channel and the guy said this to me: "Speak only Slovak."

My darling babes... do you speak Slovak?

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