Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SUPERstar ukay

Monday, August 08, 2005

im so starstruck. kc concepcion is so nice. she's so human, ang galeng. sigh.

anyway, i was at nbc tent last saturday para magbantay ng booth namen sa art bazaar ng SUPER. actually, i felt that it was more of an artista bazaar, kase the number of "art-related" booths were out numbered by artista ukay-ukay and your regular bazaar stalls (rtw etc etc). i found it amusing to see sharon cuneta's stall to be filled up with megastar designer duds. (ferragamo, gucci, etc etc. including (tacky) costume gowns) pero shempre, everyone was at the artista booths buying artista ukay. :( kaya naman ang glitter tattoo/henna tattoo/braiding booth namen ay medyo hindi bumenta. we also tried selling works of art, pero wala kaming laban sa artista. o well. (swerte ng dunkin donut, sila lang yung food stall doon, kaya buong araw walang kinain ang mga tao kung hindi puro donut)

but i did get to see people i havent seen in ages since ive been so busy with work. raymond lee of UFO was there with his gang (si clint...si clint lang ang nakilala ko) and kate torralba!! raymond's films are now out (he wrote milan and those other star cinema flicks, oh he wrote the aga-claudine movie), sayang i wasnt a part of its production. he invited me to do production design sana kaso, as usual, i was busy at work. i miss kate torralba, we often would see each other at openings before and would got out with sina patty, maria, patrick and pio. she's such a delight! im going to visit her at her home soon. i think the only reason i havent seen these people is because i havent been out lately. maybe i should go out more.

i aslo saw a lot of weird rich people. there was this matrona whom i should describe as "if paris hilton was pinay at the age of 60 with cropped brown hair, she would be it." im not saying its masama or what, i just think its a bit quirky.

(clock wise: me and kate, kc and our moon star glitter tattoo, sharon cunetas mannequin with a weird blue gown on and the only painting(a plate back in sophomore yr.) i sold, to kate.)

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