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Kulit Co. : F-KC Connection (Part 1)

EXUDING joie de vivre while enjoying the Parisian sun.

First posted 06:23pm (Mla time) Sept 10, 2004
By KC Concepcion
Inquirer News Service

Editor's Note: Published on page D1 of the September 11, 2004 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

WHEN I got my first big paycheck, I treated my best friend to her first big shopping spree. But she didn't know about it until the day ended. While waiting in traffic on some road in Makati, I grabbed my phone, scrolled down to her name, and when I heard her voice on the other line, after a ground-shaking "Happy Birthday!" I asked her to choose a number between 5 and 12. After blurting out the first number that came to mind, she, of course, demanded to know that was all about. She had just established our budget for the day but she didn't know it until we got to the clothing store of her choice.

Here's a picture of celebration, feel the joy, feel the rainbow! I finally received my Carte de Sejour [legal student/resident visa] after one full year of waiting.

It's always a plus to have the chance to choose what you want in life but sometimes we need to leave things to fall into their proper place and happen the way they were supposed to when we least expect it. Paris has been a breeding ground for some firsts. French has been the first foreign language I could actually converse in, which led me to getting my first little Parisian home, and achieving my first year of college education (grace a dieu).

WORKING CLASS KC. Completing some errands while finishing this Super! column.

The city has taught me to succeed in my first jay walk, wear out my first pair of knee-high leather boots (they kept my feet warm while I tried hard not to get hit by a Continental GT Bentley), drop down to a size 26 (yes, that's a first!) that allowed me my first pair of European jeans (although I'm still too short for them) and my first time to run out in the summer sun with the size still ON the jeans, which is something I would be careful not to do again unless I find myself dropping down to a size 20 (not happening in the near future).

In the same way that all of these firsts came flying from all directions, sometimes happening exactly as planned, and sometimes not, I was quite clueless that a new job was waiting just around the corner. At the same time, I just couldn't wait to get my hands dirty in the mud for an opportunity like it!

To say the least, it was quite a delight (this is a word I never used to say--not until I started getting into the habit of afternoon tea at an English tearoom near work) to receive a call from a certain Monsieur Bourasset, telling me the dates and times that I was to report to work in the role of secretary. Apparently, this girl was hired! Needless to say, M.B. was My Boss.

The CV I never told anyone I sent out happened to fall into the right place. Now that I'm finally done with my first month of employment for a desk job that I never thought I could get, the same 3-man secretarial team has been rehired (grace a dieu) for the next European Union-related documentaries that the European Commission has funded Propager TV to produce. Quel bonheur!

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